Jenkins Street, Northcote







Northcote, VIC


Jenkins Street is a boutique architectural build which flawlessly mixes the old with the new. The modern extension is built behind the period art-deco home giving this project a dynamic which is functional as well as visual, alluding to a home with a split personality.

Located in a fantastic quite pocket of gentrifying Northcote, it’s a suburb that’s filled with a healthy mix of redevelopment site which modern families are eager to move into. The site is mere walking distance to Northcote Plaza, All Nations Park, train stations and the High Street precinct.

The main challenge set my the owner was to develop this dilapidated-yet-characterful property into a family home with plenty of ‘wow factor’.u00a0

The project team assembled by Shepherd has done an outstanding job reviving the front of the house an incorporating the modern extension. The quiet, private areas of the home are located at the front, where the original Tasmanian oak was restored, along with the ceiling rosettes. The floorplan naturally encourages people to move through the space into the louder heart of the home; the open plan living and entertaining area. Materials change from warm & luxurious to bold & sleek with a slight industrial undertone, with inspirations drawn from the immediate context of Northcote.u00a0

It was decided that a glass walkbridge would connect the original home to the modern extension, creating an impactful transition between spaces. This significant part of the construction phase saw Shepherd work closely with the project team to ensure it’s workmanship perfectly matched the vision of the design and the client’s expectations.u00a0