Arcadian, Armadale

WPG Group


Under Construction




Armadale, VIC


Responding to Armadale’s heritage-rich surroundings, Arcadian pays homage to the suburb’s designer landscape while bringing a contemporary feel to the area. This collection of refined, timeless and modern residences is a construct of challenging the stereotype of apartment spaces being perceived as ‘generic’. Arcadian is a true example of impeccably considered homes, crafted to be both comfortable and long lasting.

The exterior is of a rectilinear nature, robust and strong, inspired by the classical features peppered throughout Armadale. An iconic T-shape structure defines the facade, with large columns signalling Arcadian’s entry point. 

Inside, the project’s identity shifts to be comparatively indulgent and delicate. The bold layers evoked by large structures making up the exterior soften – white columns are found in the entrance, while subtle decorative moulding and a warm palette wait inside the residences. 

Enduring style and high finishes define Arcadian’s living spaces – herringbone floors with subtle greys running through them complement the other, timeless grey-toned materials present throughout the homes. Polished metal fixtures were employed in the kitchen and bathrooms as a luxurious point of difference from traditional chrome finishes, elevating Arcadian to a level of opulence reflective of it’s sensational location.